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Aquaculture Applications for Heat Pumps & Chillers, Tanks, Filteration & Sterilisation Systems


Aquaculture Applications

Diverse Aquaculture and Horticulture Solutions

From our standard heat pumps through to our dedicated Aquaculture range (Trident Aquaculture) we take a serious approach to selecting equipment for our clients and we support our local customers with care, service and attention and believe that Australian’s respect quality and value in what they buy.

When we do business with our customers we try our very best to understand our clients’ needs, requirements and desired outcomes. We custom build our heat pumps and chillers to meet these needs, as well as work within the projects’ specific environmental restrictions and conditions.

When it comes to aquaculture heating or chilling, you can trust Toyesi has the ideal system to suit your application.

Trident Systems

Designed and Built by Toyesi

  • Titanium Heat Pumps & Chillers
  • Inline Titanium Heaters
  • Aquaculture Tanks – Poly & Fiberglass
  • Water Storage Tanks – Poly & Metal
  • Multicyclone – Centrifugal pre-filtration
  • Aquabiome – Mechanical & Bio Filter
  • Circulation Pumps, Oxygen Cones, UV Sterilisation
  • Quantum Purity – UV & Catalytic & HO
  • UV-Guard P -Series for Aquaculture
       – Fish, Shellfish, Crustaceans farmso Hatcheries, Aquariums & Zoos
       – Salty & Fresh water applications
  • UV-Guard T-Series for UV treatment of Storage Tanks
  • UV-Guard X-Series for Turbid & high UV projects

Boosting the Value and Sustainability of Australia’s Aquaculture & Aquaponics industry with Trident.

We stand behind our product to have a lifetime serviceability life-cycle.

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For project advice beyond heating and chilling, Pure Aquatics
is your aquaculture system specialist.

Lindsay Hopper – (M.App.Sci.Aqua)
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Heat Pumps and Chillers
✓ Pool & Spa Heat Pumps (4kW to 300kW)
✓ UV Sterilisation suitable for Cold, Warm or Hot
✓ Engineering & Tooling Projects
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Refrigeration & Air-conditioning
✓ Retro-Fit & Custom designed solutions
✓ Low Temp Process Chillers - Parker Hyperchill
✓ Heating, Air-conditioning & Refrigeration
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Air Flow Systems
✓ Golf Greens, Turf, Orchards, etc.
✓ Remove humidity, stale air to improve plant health
✓ Create air flow where nature can’t
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✓ Titanium Heat Pumps & Chillers (by Toyesi)
✓ Circulation Pumps, Oxygen Cones, UV Sterilisation
✓ Aquaculture Tanks – Poly & Fiberglass
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Value for Money and an environmental friendly solution.

At Toyesi, we aspire to offer a true “Green” solution by designing and building Heat Pumps and Chillers that are:

  • Energy Efficient,
  • Reduce demands on natural resources,
  • Reduce operating costs,
  • Have a long life-cycle,
  • Easily serviceable for the life of the equipment,
  • Use no plastic components (where possible)

Our mission is to reduce land fill with equipment as close to 100% recyclable as possible.

Our mission is to reduce land fill with equipment as close to 100% recyclable as possible.

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