Finally You Can See Improved Turf Growth and Health by Directing a Continuous High Volume Flow of Air and Simulating Natural Wind Movement… Creating Airflow Where Nature Can’t.

Turf Jet


“Creating Air-Flow where Nature Can’t”

A good breeze is often all that is required to bring things back under control

Continuous directed flow of air simulating natural wind movement

Giving the Breath of Life into Golf Courses & Vineyards Across Australia


oyesi pty. ltd. has been instrumental in the design of commercial Heat Pumps & Chillers servicing the Pool & Spa and Aquaculture markets since 1989.

With growth into other markets such as horticulture, Toyesi was able to leverage from its well-established engineering experience to continue its excellence in designing highly efficient and robust equipment.

An easily manoeuvred solution with irrigation & cooling spray option, Turf Jets have fixed, portable & towable versions.

Coupling with well established industry experts Toyesi gave breath to the Add-Cool Range of Turf Jets.

Turf Jets utilise Super Lamina Flow Technology to throw (push) air up to an astonishing 30m (model dependant). Using airwave technology to oscillate the throw of air from side to side, Turf Jets maximise greater area coverage mimicking nature’s natural wind movement.

The new ADCTJ 7500 Turf Jet has an air flow rate at around the 26000L/s with a massive 50m plus throw.

Outstanding benefits of Turf Jet technology includes improved turf growth and plant health. An easy serviceable system with fixed and adjustable oscillation controls, an adjustable fan speed control and 25mm acoustic foam for low noise operation output and reduced electricity usage.

“Creating Air-Flow where Nature Can’t”

We stand behind our product to have a lifetime serviceability life-cycle.

Value for Money and an environmental friendly solution.

At Toyesi, we aspire to offer a true “Green” solution by designing and building Heat Pumps and Chillers that are:

  • Energy Efficient,
  • Reduce demands on natural resources,
  • Reduce operating costs,
  • Have a long life-cycle,
  • Easily serviceable for the life of the equipment,
  • Use no plastic components (where possible)

Our mission is to reduce land fill with equipment as close to 100% recyclable as possible.

Our mission is to reduce land fill with equipment as close to 100% recyclable as possible.

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